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We feed our dogs Life's Abundance Dog Food

To order your puppy's food, please visit: 


 We feed our "non-pregnant" adult dogs the "all life's stages" formula.  The "regular" formula with grains.  


We are NOT recommending anyone purchase "grain free" dog foods as there could be a link between that and enlarged hearts !!!!  See this notice from the FDA:


We feed our pregnant dogs and our puppies until they are 5 months old the Life's Abundance "small/medium breed puppy" formula.  WHY ?   Because of the increased DHA content.  Life's Abundance puppy formula has one of the highest levels of DHA of any dog food puppy formula that we have found.  High levels of DHA in a food given to puppies while their brains are developing (before and after birth) has proven to be beneficial.  "A study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association concluded that feeding newly weened puppies (between eight weeks and a year old) foods high in DHA resulted in better cognitive, memory, psychomotor, immunologic, and retinal functions than puppies that did not have DHA in their diets."  

For puppies that appear to be able to grow over the 50 lb. adult weight we then switch them to Life's Abundance "large breed puppy" formula at 6 to 8 weeks of age.  This type of puppy food is to still provide a higher level of DHA while offering less calories per cup and less calcium/phosphorus that dogs larger than medium sized need to aide in protecting joint development from becoming abnormal and painful.



Life's Abundance is an amazing high quality food that we decided to try.  After just one week, we were hooked.  While the ingredient list didn't look all that different from what we were using, the results of using this food was amazing!!
First, our dogs just LOVED it.  Wow !  They really went crazy happy when offered this food.  They find it to be extremely tastey over the other dry dog foods we have tried.  Even when I mixed it in with their other food that they did love, they pick out the pieces of Life's Abundance and leave the other food behind !  
Second, the difference in their coat and stool quality was noticed immediately.  While this food seems "pricey" the health and well being of your dog is so important it really isn't a matter of a few more cents per day.
Third, this food is made with TOP GRADE ingredients not lower quality "dog food" grade ingredients like many manufacturers use.  It also seems very fresh because it isn't distributed to dog food warehouse distributors or grocery stores or the "BIG CHAINS".
It is nutrient dense and extremely wholesome, the dogs love it, improved skin and coats and stool quality - that is all we needed to see to make us know it is worth every penny.  And if you purchase this food from the link to our account, we will get credit for your sale and you will be supporting "the little guy" and our personal breeding program instead of "Petco" or "Petsmart".