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Our Purchasing Process 

All puppy buyers are required to sign a spay/neuter contract.   Spay/neuter is expected to be performed before or at 8 months of age.  Feel free to ask us to email you a copy of our Contract of Sale.
When emailing us, please provide an introduction about yourself and your family.  Please include the number and ages of the family members (yes the adults too) where you are located, what the earliest EXACT date you want to bring a puppy into your life is, your current or past pet ownership experience, if you have any puppy training experience, what type of home you live in (do you rent/own; is it a house, apartment, etc.) do you have any size restrictions where you live, does anyone in the household have allergies, anyone suffer from anxiety,     

We do not start a paid reservation list until puppies are actually born.  So if you are wondering how many people are currently on our reservation list - that number would be ZERO because there is no such list.  We do not believe in taking people's money ahead of puppies being born.  We want to know how many pups, what sexes and colors, and what the go home dates would be before we start working with people.      

We open up a "paid" reservation list only after puppies are born.  At that time a reservation list contract and a $500 fee would be required if you are approved to get on the list.   The $500 fee is non-refundable but is put towards the final price of the puppy.  People are most often placed on the list in the order in which fees are received.
Paying to be on a specific litter's reservation list does not grant anyone any other privileges besides being put in line.  It doesn't entitle anyone for anything but being put on a list.   
When the pups are old enough to be viewed (around 6 weeks of age) then the people that are on the paid reservation list are contacted so that they can choose their puppy.  (People that live too far away to come in person choose their puppy off of one of our videos.  We do not do snap chat or facetime,)  When a specific puppy is chosen, then we use our Sales and Reservation Contract and 1/2 of the purchase price is required to be paid to hold a specific puppy until it is old enough to go to it's new home.
Puppies are expected to be picked up when they are old enough or, if a puppy listed for sale is over 8 weeks of age, then we expect the sale to be immediate unless arranged upfront for a different date.  If you are not able to take a puppy when it is ready, then please tell us that up-front.  We can only hold a puppy for someone for a short amount of time.  Puppies that are ON SALE are expected to be picked up within one week.  No holds beyond that for sale priced puppies typically.  
We invite pre-approved serious buyers to our home on two occasions.  When they are choosing their new puppy prior to it being old enough to leave us (when pups are 5 to 7 weeks old) and the other time would be when the puppies are 8 weeks or older and are able to leave to go home with their new owners.  Visitors are by appointment only.          
PLEASE do not inquire about puppies if your spouse/partner has not first approved of this addition to your household.  Likewise, if you are a renter, make sure your landlord approves of your getting a "puppy".  Some will allow adult dogs, but not puppies.
Payment options: 
Reservation List Fees:  Cash or send money online through "Zelle" using our email address.  We do not do "Venmo" or "PayPal".  We can accept  personal check, money order, Wells Fargo to Wells Fargo bank transfer, wire transfer, Wells Fargo teller window deposit. 
Reservations of 1/2 down:  The same methods as above are fine.
Final sale / pick up of puppy:  The same methods as above, except if you are from out of state, we do not accept checks of any kind, only cash, money orders or Zelle transfer.  NO cashier's checks.
If a customer is from out of state and is working with the airlines, their payment method must clear our bank before the puppy leaves.
ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  All monies paid are non-refundable.
Sales Tax:  Remember - MN sales tax is collected at the final payment stage.    .08125%
MN State License #411422