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Miniature Golden Retrievers   aka   Miniature Retrievers  DO  shed.   Yes,  they do !  

So, people's next question is "HOW MUCH do they shed" ?  That varies and that is also subjective.  Certainly a 35 pound dog has fewer square inches of body mass than an 85 pound dog.  So in that respect, yes they shed much less.  But the Mini Retrievers are intended to be just like the standard sized Goldens in all aspects and that "look" includes the "hair" of the standard sized Golden Retriever.  Typically they go through a heavier shed twice a year, just like all shedding dog breeds.  The brand/type of food and supplements, the temperatures they live in and the amount and type of grooming can greatly affect their daily shedding and dander.   And, just like humans, they can have thin hair or thick hair.  So some dogs do "shed" less than others because they have a thinner or more scant coat type and others can have a lot of hair with a thick undercoat.  As we move forward in the development of our Mini Retrievers we are striving for the less undercoat type.  BUT we cannot know what type of coat a puppy will grow to have until they are older.   Yes there is Poodle in the background of most Mini Retrievers BUT the hair type of the Poodle is "removed" as people do not want a curly or wavey coated Golden Retriever.  In the "GOLDENDOODLES" the Poodle type coat is maintained or modified to be not as tight of a curl, but the GOLDENDOODLES are intended to be "non-shedding".  

Goldendoodles are categorized as a non-shedding dog.  (long hair on the feet and muzzle)   A general rule of thumb that we have come up with is "if it has long hair on the feet and muzzle, it most likely will be a non-shedding dog and it will need haircuts" and "if it has smooth/short hair on the feet and muzzle, it will be a shedding dog that doesn't require haircuts".  


How to guess at the size a puppy will grow to be as an adult.  You can go to "puppychart.com"  and when asked for a breed just use "Golden Retriever".