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What is the difference between the sexes ?
There are no significant differences relatable to the sex of the puppy.
There are no traits that can be assigned to "male" vs. "female" in regard to personality, size, temperament, looks, etc.  All of our puppies require spay/neuter so they become basically androgynous.
Males are not calmer or sweeter or more loyal.  Females are not more high strung or always smaller.
If you want "larger" dog then please tell us that, don't tell us "male" and that you assume a male will be a larger puppy or adult dog.  Sometimes the smallest pup in a litter will be a male just as a female can be the largest in a litter.  Likewise, don't say you want "female" if what you want is the smallest dog you can get assuming a female will be the smallest choice you have.  State that you are looking for "smallest size possible".   
Un-altered (not spayed or neutered) dogs will have some sexually oriented traits because of sexual hormones when they become sexually mature at 7 months of age.  But spaying and neutering pets removes those aspects and levels the playing field so to speak between the sexes.  
Spay surgeries cost on average $100 more than a neuter.  Some say female urine is more acidic and can leave burn spots in grass - but if you only have one dog they would have to urinate in the same spot over and over with no rain or sprinkler system watering the spot down to accumulate enough to burn the grass.  Female puppies are more prone to bladder infections and vaginitis than male puppies.
Females are not more aggressive, males are not more territorial, females are not more likely to be a one person dog, etc.  After nearly 30 years of living with many different breeds and with lots of different dogs I cannot attribute any specific characteristics to one sex over the other.  We take each puppy/dog on it's own merits for it's own unique qualities of size, color, personality, energy level, etc.
We do not price one sex any more or less than another. 
If you limit yourself to just choosing from one of the two sexes you immediately reduce your choices by 50%. In eliminating 1/2 of your choices you could be removing the best puppy for your family. Please choose a puppy based on it's overall 'everything' color, size, personality rather than choosing based on it's sex and you will end up with the best match possible for your family.