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We are located in Minnesota, in the Minneapolis area.
ALL customers are welcome to come to our home and pick up their puppy in person. 
For those that cannot easily drive here to pick up, there are a few different options besides driving.  
1.  Airline Transportation for about $380.00+ (for 8 - 12 wk old)  to a major city location near you through an airline's Pet Transport Programs.   (for puppies that are larger/older that need to utilize a 24" high crate, the total price is around $510)  *** Since April 1, 2020 the airlines have stopped offering this service.  We hope that they will resume this, but we don't know if or when.  ***  August 2020 update:  American Airlines is offering this service now.  However, flights departing Minneapolis for them are only Mon-Fri and they have very limited locations they can get to directly.  7 locations.  Connecting flights can be considered but are not what we like to work with.  We would look into flight options for you.  Only certain types of planes can accomodate pets, so don't look up flights yourself.
2.  Personally fly here and have us meet you at the airport with your puppy and you fly back home with your puppy in cabin (each airlines has different rules about in-cabin pets.  Most airlines charge an add'l fee.  The pups have to be able to fit in a pet travel bag/carrier that fits under the seat.  You would have to purchase and bring your own puppy carry on bag.  8 week old pups will usually fit any airline requirement.  The older or larger the pup, they might have to be checked as cargo if it won't fit the under the seat requirement.  (Delta Airlines requires in-cabin pups to be 10 weeks old.  United Airlines requires a puppy to be 16 weeks old for in-cabin.    
3.  You arrange to have a Personal Pet Courier transport your puppy inside the cabin of an airplane.  This option requires flexibility on dates and times of travel as the Couriers usually fly via "stand by".  Total cost for this option is about $500 to $700. You cannot pick the date of arrival nor the time.  You have to work with the Courier's schedule.  We would have to deliver the puppy to the Courier at the airport. 
4.  You arrange to have a Pet Transporter pick up the puppy from our home.  These are people or companies that can do an individual transport or some of the companies take many pets from many different locations and have many different drop offs.  Depending on where you live, the travel time can be several days.  We do not like the large group transports.  
 4.  At times we can drive to meet someone part way, within the confines of the MN State borders.  This would be dependent on our schedule.
See this video to see how a puppy is readied for their flight with cargo services:

As of November 2013 the U.S. Federal Government will not allow us to make the shipping arrangements on behalf of our customers any longer.  We abide by all USDA Federal guidelines.