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Here's how to get in touch with us:
(Email is preferred) 
Telephone: 763-753-2411
State of MN License:  #411422
Our Mailing Address is:
P. O. Box 888
Elk River, MN  55330

We are Professional Breeders with over 29 years of experience.  We are dedicated to raising only the smartest and most congenial types of dogs that we can.  Superb family dogs, they are great with children and other pets.  Many (the Doodle breeds) are bred to be non or low shedding, superior intelligence and obedience and extremely rare and unique.  Exceptional dogs for discerning people.

We do require that all serious inquirers provide us with information about themselves, their families and their current or past dog ownership experience.  We want to make sure that we match up the right families for our puppies.  We want to make sure that our new owners will be happy with one of our puppies as well as our puppies being happy in their new homes.  Also, do let us know what date you were wanting to get a puppy.  Refer to the "Purchasing Process" page for more details.
We are hard to reach by telephone.  If you call and don't get us, then I would recommend emailing us rather than leaving a message.  You will hear back from someone much faster via email as we can respond to emails any time, day or night, when it is convenient for us, which is often at odd hours that you wouldn't want to have your phone ring!!  Email is required in order to receive video links, contracts and directions.  
We live in the Anoka/Ramsey/Elk River area on a small hobby farm.  We are 35 miles NW of downtown Minneapolis.
Visitors are by appointment only.   

Thank you for visiting our web site!